Play Your Part

At Play Your Part we believe everyone should get the opportunity to play a part in their community’s cultural life. The world today is often skewed towards people experiencing life from a passive perspective – as a spectator or consumer of things that are designed to entertain us.

We believe people want to have meaningful experiences and genuinely contribute to their community. At Play Your Part, we work in a way that activates people and encourages dynamic involvement. Our initiatives encourage people to share, collaborate, lead and grow.

Play Your Part is here to help! We offer a range of services that can activate your organisation, community or business. We can develop and manage community, cultural and heritage initiatives from start to finish or we can collaborate with you and other partners to achieve your goals. Here’s what we can do!

  • Cultural Planning
  • Public Art – Planning and Management of Public Art both short and long term
  • Cultural Tourism Product Development
  • Event and Festival Development and Management
  • Brand Story Development
  • Exhibition Design and Development
  • Community Engagement and Consultation
  • Facilitation and Master of Ceremony Activities
  • Media Liaison
  • Project Evaluation and Documentation
  • Funding Applications and Relationship Development
  • Community Strengthening Cultural Development
  • Cultural Anniversaries and Celebrations