Maz McGann

Why I’m here….

I like people, art, innovation and working in an environment where risk taking is seen as a positive thing. I enjoy work that actively encourages communities to prosper, communicate and grow.

Activating people and encouraging civic participation is key to the way I operate and I enjoy developing opportunities for people to actively contribute. I endeavour to think outside the square first, before defaulting to the usual approaches and I love being surprised by new ideas and people’s willingness to step outside their own comfort zones. People intrinsically want to play a part in the world and I enjoy developing projects that support people to step up and get involved and enjoy the rewards of taking the occasional risk.

The world is a complex place and no matter what, we are all looking to find meaning in our professional and personal lives. I enjoy developing projects that allow people to navigate through the complexity of government, community and relationships and uncover what is important and enduring. And help people document this through formal planning, storytelling and project development. Through my work I develop opportunities for people to interact with their culture, engage with their communities and grow their enterprise – all without bombarding them with complex strategies, plans and manifestos – we can make things really simple and it can still be great!

My Experience…

I have worked with communities for over 15 years, starting off in community centres where I developed adult community education programs, focusing on skills development and social inclusion. I followed this with ten years in local Government work in regional Victoria and South Australia where I developed a diverse suite of skills across the community and cultural development sector.

From 2009 until early 2014 I was with the Barossa Council, managing their Regional Gallery, Library Services, Home Assist and Community Transport, Leisure Options Programs for people with disabilities, Youth Services and Volunteering.

I have also worked with a range of broader sector-based organisations in both a paid and voluntary capacity including the Regional Galleries Association SA, the Creative Communities Network and Creating Australia, the national peak body for community arts and cultural development, where I was CEO for a period of time.

  • Bachelor of Arts – Professional Writing and Philosophy
    Deakin University. 1999
  • Diploma of Management
    Christie and Betro. 2013

Barossa Future Leaders Program Graduate
Regional Development Australia. 2012

What I can do…

  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Cultural and Heritage Planning
  • Public Art – Planning and Management of Public Art both short and long term
  • Cultural Tourism Product Development
  • Community and Cultural Development Training and Workshop Facilitation
  • Event and Festival Development and Management
  • Brand Story Development
  • Exhibition Design and Development
  • Social history projects
  • Community Engagement and Consultation
  • Facilitation and Master of Ceremony Activities
  • Media and Communications Liaison and Development
  • Project Evaluation and Documentation
  • Funding Applications and Relationship Development
  • Community Strengthening Cultural Development
  • Cultural Anniversaries and Celebrations

Who I work with…

  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Arts and Cultural organisations
  • Tourism Collectives
  • Public and Community Galleries
  • Festivals and Events
  • Business and Private Enterprise
  • Community Health and Youth Services
  • Disability Groups
  • Peak Bodies
  • Not for profits and community based organisations
  • Community Development Organisations

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